[KI] Measuring Bandwidth Usage for A Spesific Site with Wireshark

Last week, I got a task again from Mr.Budi in Information Security class. The task at this time is measuring bandwidth usage when we log in and use some popular sites, such as Facebook or Gmail (the examples he mentioned). We were directed to use the World’s Most Popular Network Protocol Analyzer: WIRESHARK. I think its developers were too narciss gave a slogan like that for their ‘art work’ -_-” FYI, this (actually) interesting application has been existing for almost two year in my laptop without I used. Haha…okay, let’s we begin and pace yourself to read my exlporation note! (halah)

Assumption: Wireshark has already installed. Please Googling to get to know about it 😀

#1: Open Wireshark

First of all, if you are using UNIX family, log in as a root from your Terminal and run Wireshark by typing wireshark. In Windows, you don’t need to do that.

#2: Configure the caption filter

Click on menu Capture -> Interface, and choose an interface that you want to monitor, then click Options. In my case, my LAN connection was viewed by “eth0”, so I clicked the Options button beside it. After the Capture Option window had appeared, I entered this code into Capture Filter combo box:

host http://www.facebook.com and host

then click Start. If a confirmation dialog box appears, click Save and click Packet Range at “All packets” option.

The main window that viewed capturing process didn’t print out anything until I acessed Facebook address, logged in, and did some actions. Here is the screenshot…

#3: Viewing statistic

For finishing, we can log out from site or click Stop icon (4th icon from the left). I choosed the second way. Depending on the size of the capture, it may take a minute or two for the capture to fully stop. Now, click Statistic -> Summary to view bandwidth usage of recent site you captured.

My testing resulted information as following:

Avg bytes/sec is 1363.753 or approx 1.36 Kbps.

Hmm…it seems a little data, indeed just for 3 minutes and actions that I tried only “update status”, “reply status”, and “open a friend’s profile” 😀

However, if we multiply its bandwidth with the number of users in a network, we’ll get an approximate average bandwidth need:

Assumption: 50 users
Activity: Facebook walking, commenting, open other’s profile
Average bandwidth: 1.36 Kbps * 50 = 68 KBps

Ough, still not a significant number anyway…Okay, I will take some testing again for several variation of activity 😀

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