A Lesson from “5cm”

I’ve just finished read “5cm” novel two days ago. Overall, the story inside it was not impressive for me, but the five-centimeters concept would be another my favorite philoshopy. Told that the mates in this novel has a spirit quote

Put it at your forehead!

“It” has a lot of meaning, it can be your dreams, your will, your passion, or something like that. They use it in every challenging moment and symbolize that their “it” won’t escape from their head, their brain. If your brain always remember what do you want to gain, so all the parts on your body will follow it, consciously or not. That’s what they believe. Have you read any stuff about the strength of a suggestion? yeah, such a thing.

However, the main idea of “5cm” novel is described in almost last chapter.

Put it at your forehead!

is not enough. You need to put “it” five centimeters from your forehead, that you will also can SEE it. Then, don’t (or you can’t) take your eyes off of it 🙂

Conclusion: if you seldom read motivation books, it may help you to get some lessons from “5cm”, but if you are a fans of any motivation book or self developing book, trust me…you don’t need to read this book, except you wanna have a little refreshing…hehe

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