My First Web

For the certain purpose, these two days I was preparing my portfolio that consists of works, creations, or assignment results during undergraduate level. I was very surprised to find the first web that I developed. It has been years I searched, but I didn’t get any clue about where my pretty cool web (ehm) is saved. If this web didn’t have any special story, I might be easy to stop thinking about it. Okay, before I tell more, let’s see the screenshot of its home page 😀

Aah actually I want to show you all pages of the web but I don’t have any server to upload it, huhu. If you know about web developing, you may laugh when exploring the source codes. When I built this web, I haven’t ever use PHP before, but I insisted to use it and wrote the code myself. Besides it, instead using Corel Draw like I often did at that time, I designed all images using Photoshop, piece by piece based on pixel area. I spent many time to finish it, either in design or implementation, because I should read a bunch of tutorial too. Fiuh, such a big project, but I really enjoyed the early months of being a web developer. Even, most of my friends asked me why I didn’t use any CMS like theirs. Haha.

Do you know how the result? I inserted some HTML scripts into almost all PHP modules then I repeated some block of codes in the certain modules for the sidebar, menu, footer, and other parts that should appeared in every pages 😀 Orange color also dominated the view of web straightforwardly 😀 However, I’m still proud of this “Eggstra Ordinary” web because of many nice testimonials that I got 🙂

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  1. waow…good job…apa alamat websitenya…?

  2. untuk sebuah first web, ini udah cukup oke kok mbak


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