Little sight about what’s happened at Arabian states

After weeks with heavy news every day about Egypt, Mobarak, bla bla bla..I’m pushed to shout out some views of me.

The anti-government protests in some Arabian states these last decades and also in Indonesia tens of years ago have a similar issue’s core: to overthrow leaders whom its citizens called ‘dictator regime’. Yeah we just have to remember that not all countries in the world living wrapped by democracy. It’s easy to understand why leaders in such countries tend to maintain their power, even secretly plan ‘the dynasty’. I think any democracy-state’s government also potential to do the same thing, but we’ll see yeah :p

In case those states, in the beginning people could accepted government, but they continue to grow up.. and someday they realize “oh we’re persecuted during this”, then that’s what happen next: revolution. It doesn’t matter if revolution is done peacefully. The facts? do not.

Actually, the long time of leading not always mean being dictator, doesn’t it? I’m not capable to answer it, but somehow I believe that besides the nature of human for getting power, there were conspiracies triggering behind government. Fighting the dictator because disability to solve nation’s problems is okay, but one thing that we should open eyes for is we still have ‘superpower’ one and we are in their mission. What’s their goal? of course, mastering the whole world…

People also know, wherever chaos happening in the world, this superpower’s figures always appear! Talking pro talking contra, acting like no knowledge about its chaos, whereas–as already becoming public secret–they have interfered for an unknown time. For a long time, they support the government, digging as much as possible advantage to execute their businesses. Suddenly, when the government no longer in line with them, they take opposite side, creating fire of resistance and spread out it to the citizens.

Stop there? No! They support citizens in order to gain goal: they can change it to another person who willing to be their ally, as well as the former government or even better. However, if the successor prepared seems “this man won’t be a good ally”, yeah..they don’t have other choices but support the current government turned back! WTF. You can read this pattern of scenario easily, dudes..I’m sure.

Of course, (some) people hope the government in other states be able to take many lessons from all of those phenomenon, to take care about two faces of this superpower. It’s not a secret anymore that we are in a big mission of U*A (finally I mentioned it!): mastering the world. Finally, hope the wave of turbulence in Egypt will stop soon and no more bloodshed 😥

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