Uemura Kana, Here I Want to Tell You

Uemura Kana. Source: http://music.goo.ne.jp

I am not really the one who regularly update news about Japanese music, even music in any other country including Indonesia. However I dared to show off that my ears and (a little) music soul (or talent? :grin:) still work well to identify the good ones. He he. Long time of not having a favorite singer or song, recently Uemura Kana is intriguing me. I bet she is much more decent to be #1 singer of Japan than AKB48 (and sisters)with their “nya nya nya” voice and bitchy style :razz:.

My interest to Uemura’s masterpiece began in the early weeks of my coming to Japan, some weeks after 311 earthquake. In the middle of news and ads themed “がんばろう、日本!”, from my friend’s television, her touching-melody song aired on TV Asahi every morning. I was curious about that song, but I have no television at home and my Japanese was damn bad so I couldn’t perceive any single word in that song. I had no idea to ask Google. Yesterday, I just found it on YouTube! Yey 🙂 Actually I just known her name as I opened the video :mrgreen:. She looks adorable with her guitar. The song entitled “キミとぼく”(You and I/Kau dan Aku).

This video finally led me to other songs of Uemura Kana, also her website as well. I got more and more curious so I listened to all of her songs I found, read the comments from visitors, looked at her biography, then I realized “Wow, she is incredible!”. She composes her songs by herself, plays the guitar, dresses smart, and manages her voice well. It’s too easy to fall in love with her. Her video of song “トイレの神様” (Goddess of Toilet/Dewi Toilet) on YouTube has been viewed more than 12 million times with positive responses. This song also dramatically placed her on the first position in chart and sale record (refer to “Singles”) while she even never reached Top Ten Chart or five digits of sale beforehand. Sugoi!

video with English subtitle

Quote from PhotoGuide.Jp

I’m not a music critic, but I can tell you, this song is destined to become one of Japan’s all-time classics, to be remembered for generations to come. It’s one of 2010′s defining songs of Japan. Twenty, thirty, or more years from now, people recalling the events of 2010 will bring up this song. Singer Uemura Kana is now inducted in the annals of Japanese music history.

It is a megahit, but it has gone beyond where most megahits can go. This song hits the hearts and souls of many of us in Japan. I haven’t heard such a poignant and tear-jerking song in a long, long time. The folksy melody is simple, and the story-telling lyrics is instantly-striking and easy to understand in Japanese. When you first hear it, your ears become magnetized to the song and you cannot help but listen to the story and get emotional. Many people in the audience (including the judges) were crying as Uemura performed the song at the Kohaku Utagassen.

Another thing I like is that her songs are taking the themes of life around us, not talking love solely. Of course, those facts beyond my expectation. I don’t know that I have favored song from a diva :cool:. Now, I am getting interested to review her songs along with learning Japanese. Go, Uemura, Go! You deserve the best!

Here one bonus track of Uemura for you.. “世界ーご飯” (Rice Over the World/Beras Seluruh Dunia), another my fave one :wink:.

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  1. Miku

     /  November 22, 2011

    Uemura Kana mengingatkan saya pada YUI 😮

  2. Ananti Selaras Sunny

     /  November 22, 2011

    yes YUI! aahh you have to listen YUI’s songs, she is so cool, girl with guitar >_<

    • I have known YUI since her song “to mother” was released, but I didn’t feel any chemistry with her as I felt to Uemura 🙂 setelah lihat videonya YUI yg lain, buatku lebih bagus Uemura *teuteup* baik suara, lirik, gaya, dan musiknya.. kalo backing-nya udah sebanyak YUI pasti bisa sejajar di depan sama YUI deh, kalah cepet 2 tahun aja dia booming-nya 😛

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