Ghibli Museum Aftereffect

I’d like to thankful to Vriske, who suggested me to visit Ghibli Museum, and Lutfi, who reminded me about the museum by her magazine. They led me there, then it can’t be helped, I really fall in love to Studio Ghibli’s works. What a wonderful masterpiece!

Even though I have not watched any full version movie of them, by enjoying pieces of collection in the museum and spending these four hours for “little research” about the profile of company and product as well, I could say that Studio Ghibli deserves to be a legend in world’s animation journey. I have no idea why the Ghibli’s movies are not popular in my country while other Japanese animations have managed to seize the heart of millions of children..or perhaps I was wrong just because I never paid attention to animation broadcasted in my country.

The famous scene of My Neighbor Totoro by Studio Ghibli

Anyway, the most interesting thing from Ghibli’s films for me is.. their ordinary visualization! I remember when Vriske said that one strength of Ghibli’s film is its strong-meaningful story instead of fabulous display. It makes sense. I think this “conservatism” even has made Japanese anime last as today and distinguishes it to others. However, still, Ghibli is a special case :smile:. I tried to look for Why Ghibli Keeps Plain Draw. I was wondering the answer would be similar to what Spielberg said about Tintin movie (source) when finally I got this Miyazaki’s statement:

“I think animation is something that needs the pencil, needs man’s drawing hand, and that is why I decided to do this work in this way,”

“Currently computer graphics are of course used a great deal and, as I’ve said before, this use can at times be excessive,”

“I will continue to use my pencil as long as I can.”

(Source: Fansub TV)

Also, opinion from someone on this page.

In contrast Western films by Disney and Pixxar are nothing but computer eye candy. Watch once and forget, while Studio Ghibli can be rewatched many times and each time you’ll notice something new or be amazed by the
characterisation, script, cinematography and animation.

Well, I am be in line with them. No matter how advance technology used is, after all, plots is the soul of a movie, and Studio Ghibli, with their idealism to preserve the classic style, has proven that ancientness is not an obstacle to achieve Best Animated Feature award.

Last but not least, please enjoy my documentation in Ghibli Museum :mrgreen: (note: we were not allowed to take picture or video inside museum, so sorry for few photos).

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  1. lutphi

     /  December 16, 2011

    waa..Egga, ternyata cartoon movie favoritku yg judulnya spirited away (sen to chihiro no kamikakushi) itu juga punya Gibly (barusan nyari tau)
    aku uda nonton itu 5x ada kyknya, nggak bosen2 😀
    jadi mupeng euy.. kpn ya bisa ke tokyo lagi, hehe

    • o kamu baru tahu ta? sebelum nulis post ini aku sempet lihat profil FB-mu dan di bagian “movie” ada Spirited Away.. dari situ aku pikir Lutfi emang fansnya Ghibli juga, ternyata.. 😀 aku pengen nonton nih, di mana ya bisa dapetin filmnya yg ada subtitle EN? Tsutaya gitu ada ga ya? hehe


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