[Dorama Review] Ashita, Mama ga Inai

I’ve done watching this dorama three days ago: 明日、ママがいない (Ashita, Mama ga inai / Tomorrow, Mama won’t be here), another touching “dorama”, recommended for parents to be, reminded me that being mother (or father) is a honor, so take its responsibility seriously the best we can or someone else will replace our role. As usual, I always love Japanese dramas for those abundant words of wisdom. This time I was hooked on one below. It may sound controversial, but somehow the quote

「事実の親と真実の親は違うんです!」- Jijitsu no oya to shinjitsu no oya wa chigaun desu – “Parent who give a birth (factual parent) and the real parent is different”

has made me think deeply, that in fact some parents are absent or unable to take care of their child/children, while there are couples still struggling to have child on their own. Since learning and practicing parenthood is a never ending journey, hope we can be both jijitsu and shinjitsu parent.

I watched the full series here (English sub): www.gooddrama.net/japanese-drama/ashita-mama-ga-inai. Make sure your browser has flash plug-in enabled. Prepare plenty of tissues and enjoy!



An Inspiring Wedding Speech from “My Neighbors The Yamadas” Movie

Congratulations to all of my friends who just opened the gate of a new life with his/her spouse or those who’re about to get there soon.

Baarakallaahu laka wa baaraka ‘alayka wa jama’a baynakumaa fii khair

May Allah’s blessings are always be around you and your family.
Here I’d like to share a very beautiful message about marriage, which has inspired me, and hope you’ll find something meaningful too. Taken from “My Neighbors The Yamadas” scene, a movie by Studio Ghibli, this message is told as speech of an old woman in the main-figures’ (Takashi-kun and Matsuko-san) wedding. I removed the figures’ name or replaced it with the term “you”.

CatatanWedding speech (pidato pernikahan) yang dimaksud dalam tulisan ini juga tersedia dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Kata dalam tanda kurung merupakan bagian tambahan dari saya sendiri agar terjemahannya tidak kaku walaupun secara keseluruhan masih tetap aneh juga sih.. hahaha, mohon maaf selain level masih cupu, kosakata english saya juga terbatas jadi kadang susah cari padanan katanya :mrgreen: