Ortu Faktual VS Ortu Sejati

I’ve done watching this dorama three days ago: 明日、ママがいない (Ashita, Mama ga inai / Tomorrow, Mama won’t be here), another touching “dorama”, recommended for parents to be, reminded me that being mother (or father) is a honor, so take its responsibility seriously the best we can or someone else will replace our role. As usual, I always love Japanese dramas for those abundant words of wisdom. This time I was hooked on one below. It may sound controversial, but somehow the quote

「事実の親と真実の親は違うんです!」- Jijitsu no oya to shinjitsu no oya wa chigaun desu – “Parent who give a birth (factual parent) and the real parent is different”

has made me think deeply, that in fact some parents are absent or unable to take care of their child/children, while there are couples still struggling to have child on their own. Since learning and practicing parenthood is a never ending journey, hope we can be both jijitsu and shinjitsu parent.

I watched the full series here (English sub): www.gooddrama.net/japanese-drama/ashita-mama-ga-inai. Make sure your browser has flash plug-in enabled. Prepare plenty of tissues and enjoy!